Mt Felix Manor, circa 1830's, is located at the confluence of the Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay. The views and scenery are some of the most beautiful along the Eastern Seaboard with sunrises and full moons rivaling the most spectacular in the world.


Mount Felix's terroir is special. The soils are fertile, well drained with balance between organic content, texture, and mineral/chemical composition. The perimeter is open and free affording wonderful air-flow from a constant Chesapeake Bay breeze that will quickly dry the morning dew from our berries.

Our Southeasterly oriented slopes provide long hours of light exposure inclusive of rays reflected off the vast Chesapeake Bay. This optimizes photosynthesis; thereby, converting the sun's rays into sugar and juice stores within the grapes. Aided by our terroir, complimented by  long sunny days, cool autumn nights, and a constant Chesapeake breeze, we simply seek to convert these sweet juices... produced from rays... into bottles of wine ...for life, love, family, and friends.

Mount Felix is an eco-friendly vineyard as we are great stewards of our land and environment.  Mt. Felix utilizes conservative old world techniques in the vineyard inclusive of a unique high density planting.



The start of a new vintage...rooted within the legacy of our past...

Wine starts in the vineyard, in fact, within the soils beneath the vines.  We are a hands-on family business.  Our vineyard utilizes a high density planting and is one of the largest Chambourcin plantings in the State of Maryland. By high density, we mean that vines are planted 4’ apart in rows that are only 6’ wide.  By planting at such a close spacing, our vines compete for water and nutrients. This helps control leaf growth. Mt. Felix’s soils are southern exposed, deep, fertile, and well drained. The vineyard overlooks the Chesapeake Bay and benefits from sunlight refraction and a constant breeze.  The sunlight and breeze helps the air circulate through the vineyard. Additionally, we manage our leaf canopy by hand pruning excess vigor.  To turn “sunshine into wine” one must make sure that photosynthesis is maximized and fruit ripeness is uniform.  The great sun exposure helps the Mt. Felix develop grapes with full tannins.  



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